Bulk renewal of domains (Bulk renew)

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The necessary actions to be followed to generate a proforma invoice for the mass renewal of the domains
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The financial administration of a large number of domains can be difficult, due to the different due dates for their payment. By mass renewing domains, the time spent managing them can be greatly simplified and the risk of losing a domain due to non-payment on time can be reduced.


At least two active domains in the account


The first step is to log in to the Hostico client account, after which we access the domains section of the main administration panel.

Sectiune domenii

The newly opened section will display all domains in the account (both active and inactive). From the top of the menu we will go to Actions, where we will notice that there are two possible actions:

1. Renewal - Offers the possibility to tick the domains that are to be entered on a proforma renewal invoice 
2. Renew all - When choosing the option, all active domains in the account will be automatically selected

Optiuni reinnoire domenii

If we want to filter the fields according to the billing contacts assigned to each service separately, we can go to the Choose contact section

Alegerea subcontactului

After making sure that we have ticked the domains we want to renew, we complete the procedure with the button Confirmă.

Confirmare procedura reinnoire bulk


  • In the case of domains that have billing sub-contacts different from the account's main contact, individual invoices will be generated for each domain / domain group separately with the related data.
  • Renewal of domains is possible only for the maximum period allowed by the registrar, these values ​​being present in the table on the page Domain Terms.
  • Mass renewal of domains will not change domain expiration dates, prepaid periods being automatically extended.
  • Certain ccTLD domains (those belonging to some countries) may have renewal limitations on renewal days before billing (eg: a domain cannot be renewed 30 - 60 - 90 days before expiration), so if one of the domains inserted on the mass renewal invoice falls into this category, you will be contacted by the Hostico support team.

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